We support war-affected families in Ukraine. Effective February 24, 2022, we have made the decision to ban Russia from our services.

Are you looking for one of our creations?

Find your unique product that you saw, without losing it. It is meant for you.

Write down its brand name or use related terms to find it and you'll remember it. For example, if you've seen more advanced sorts of binoculars, search for "zoom", "view", etc.


With us, you can be sure that we know what we are doing with our top sellers.

Sustainable quality? The best on the market, it is here, with Monsieur Jackizi.

So be very careful of unreliable and authentic imitations, which are not ours anywhere other than on our brand's website. Mr. Jackizi's fabrications are unique and exclusively available here. There is even a song that sticks in the head for his shop!

We bring together experts. The best in each field.

What is our DUO II? This is our exclusive formula. IINVENTION and IINNOVATION. No other store has our recipe.

Invention, definition: “The act of imagining, inventing, creating something new[...] "- Dictionary. Larousse

Innovation, definition: “Introduction into the production and/or sales process of a new product, equipment or process. - Dictionary. Larousse

The future is accessible to everyone. We make it accessible to everyone.

Since our products are derived from inventions and innovations, most of which come from different people, we sell our products at unbeatable prices. Some of our products are worth much more than the prices for which we sell them, as this allows them to be better introduced to the market and thus become known. We can only derive our income when we sell our concept to firms, an advantage for the consumer who can pay less than the real manufacturing price, see directly the real price that its worth for this quality.

The impossible becomes possible with us. Professionals.

We receive countless ideas every year. Ordinary people having ideas of things to make that did not exist and which, for them, were not possible to do. We make them achievable and it is simply spectacular. Extraordinary. For each product category, we bring together different experts, so that everyone is specialized in the field of the product for which we want to create. If we confirm that the idea of ​​a person is feasible, since this one is the author of this realization, we offer him a bonus to hold his copyrights. Submit your idea to us.

An idea.
It's more than an idea.

Our brand is aimed at all followers of the new trend, change, novelty, difference, to build a more evolved future. We bring together, from A to Z, an inventory of new products that we categorize as innovators. Certified and qualified with a test audience, our range of products are simply exceptional and unknown to the general public, so you have a certain exclusivity.


A tree planted for each product sold

Interestingly, our packaging is made of 98% recycled material to counter pollution. Like what we can make the environment of our planet warm.

A study by a University in the United Kingdom, available in English only, even reveals that online shopping is less polluting for the future than traditional businesses.

Read the article here

Support young people and the great entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They need it badly.

Did you know that barely 50% of businesses survive after their first five years of existence? We have a labor shortage and we are doing our best to adapt. Support newcomers and locally.


You don't live in France? No problem, we deliver anywhere in the world!


A dedicated support team to answer all your questions.


We offer satisfaction or refund for 14 days after you receive the items!


We guarantee 100% secure payment

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